I guess you could say I’ve been a photographer my entire life, since I got my first camera when I was eight years old. I got my first 35mm before I got my driver’s license. I studied photo journalism in college, and went on to the Ohio Institute of Photography to learn more. I’ve been shooting professionally ever since.

My view of what makes a great photograph? A combination of lighting, styling, composition, color, and mood – and a talented photographer. A photographer who understands the importance of putting people at ease, whether they’re facing the lens or behind the scenes. It’s a skill that can’t be taught, because it comes from the heart. I would not do what I do if I didn’t absolutely love the job – and the people who come along for the ride, whether designers, stylists, editors, homeowners, or art directors. Together we have fun. We get a lot of work done. And we make beautiful photographs, whether of people, places, or products.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know it’s difficult for me to toot my own horn. I’m proud of my work, but it feels a little strange to say so. You can read more about what people have to say about my images – and me - below.

Thanks for reading. I hope we’ll get to work together one day!

Werner is talented, ego-less, and low-key. He’s collaborative and creative. He makes short work of nailing a shot. He’s easy to be around. And at the end of a shoot, you want to keep him as a friend. Honestly, it was a pleasure to have him in my home.

- Joyce Bruce, Homeowner

Werner is the most good-natured photographer I’ve ever worked with. He’s flexible. He’s dependable. He’s easy to get along with. He makes work fun. Talented, creative, determined, and dependable are all words I’d use to describe Werner.

- Becky Lau-Ekstrand, Creative Director, Kitchen & Bath Ideas magazine

Professional, gifted, and accommodating – that’s Werner. He’s the most intuitive, and talented, photographer I’ve ever worked with. He is patient, prepared, and proactive. He listens to his clients – he’s fantastic at interpreting someone else’s vision. I love working with him!

- Jennifer Meredith, Pimlico Magazine

Werner is one of those rare photographers who know how to light so the environment looks natural, not overworked. He has a positive, professional, can-do attitude, and comes to the table with solutions to every situation. His locations always run smoothly – there’s never any drama, thanks to his easy manner. Most of all, he delivers the most beautiful images. If you need a great photographer, Werner’s your guy!

- Jack Murphy, Art Director, Renovation Style magazine

Werner is hands-on – literally. He doesn’t mind hauling furniture through snow when necessary. And he delivers BEAUTIFUL results. He is the most respectful photographer I’ve ever worked with. He delivers beautiful images with a fast turn-around. He makes homeowners feel at ease. He’s also great about staying on-schedule, which is incredibly important, especially when clients are on-site. He makes the process so easy.

- Beth McDonough, AP Marketing, Traditional Home Magazine

I could write a book about how much I love working with Werner. Chapter One: he’s incredibly talented – he makes every shot beautiful, every time. Chapter Two: he’s incredibly relaxed, even when you’d think he’d be going a little crazy. Chapter Three: there cannot be a nicer guy in the world. Period. Chapter Four: working with him is always fun. I mean that sincerely, and I’ve been working with Werner for years.

- Hilary Rose, Photo Stylist and Field Editor

There are some people who are so good at what they do, and so good on the inside, you almost can’t believe your luck that you get to work with them. Werner is one of those people. I’ve never encountered a photographer who is as talented, humble, hard-working, and easy to spend a day with than Werner. He makes everyone feel comfortable, and takes gorgeous shots to boot. What more could anyone hope for?

- Mara Boo, Magazine Writer